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Ask a Scholar: what’s the real concept of Latino?

Ask a Scholar: what’s the real concept of Latino?

What’s the real concept of Latino? Many state its simply Latin people that are american other people state and I think aswell that « Latino » means anybody whoever language derived from Latin; Hispanics, Portuguese talking individuals, French and Italian. I would like you to definitely simplify the real meaning and reputation for your message.

-Jorge Martinez, University of Southern Florida

Answered by Dario Fernandez-Morera, Associate Professor of Spanish & Portuguese at Northwestern University. Dr. Fernandez-Morera received their Ph.D. In Comparative Literature from Harvard University. He has got posted publications and articles in English and Spanish in the usa, England, and Spain on social dilemmas and concept, Cervantes, sixteenth and seventeenth-century prose that is spanish fiction, contemporary Spanish poetry, the encounter between Europeans and Amerindians, Modernism, and modern governmental activities in Latin America. Fernandez-Morera has offered into the nationwide Council regarding the Humanities and also as a reader and consultant for the National Endowment when it comes to Humanities.

The term latino is just a word that is spanish has entered the English language. In Spanish, it indicates someone from the individuals of ancient Latium, in Italy, whose language had been Latin; so that the Romans needless to say had been latinos. Another and associated meaning of latino in Spanish identifies an individual who is one of the countries for the Romance Languages, that is, those individuals whose language, and also to a varying degree, whoever tradition, too, are based on the language and civilization of Rome, that was latin. Lire la suite