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If a woman depends on a man for her—or her children’s—support, she may have to do things to keep him happy that are dangerous to her health. For example, she may allow him to be violent or to have unsafe sex because she fears losing his economic support. IHME collects budget, revenue, and expenditure data for 39 global health channels in order to estimate flows of development assistance for health. They use WHO estimates to then calculate how these flows compare to total expenditure in source and recipient countries. Roush and Murphy , Historical comparisons of morbidity and mortality for vaccine-preventable diseases in the United States.

High mortality rates, in turn, induce families to have many children so that they can assure themselves of a few surviving, children. Since the 1970s, when many poor countries were pressured to borrow money from banks in rich countries, huge debts have meant that governments are still struggling to meet the basic needs of their people. Although there has been a lot of corruption, many countries have started new schools, hospitals, clinics, and other projects. Poverty often forces women into relationships in which they must depend on men for survival.

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Malnutrition is also a major contributing factor in spreading infectious diseases. By weakening the body response to diseases, malnutrition reduces acquired immunity.

  • According to UNICEF « malaria is truly a disease of poverty — afflicting primarily the poor who tend to live in malaria-prone rural areas in poorly-constructed dwellings that offer few, if any, barriers against mosquitoes ».
  • Universal health care is a system that provides quality medical services to all citizens.
  • Health care providers don’t have to hire staff to deal with different health insurance company rules.
  • India, Nigeria and Congo account for 40 percent of the world’s malaria cases while 90 percent of malaria deaths occur on the African continent.
  • The federal government offers it to everyone regardless of their ability to pay.

Similarly, population growth makes it more difficult to provide safe or sufficient water supply, garbage disposal and sanitation for the community. It increases the cost of providing adequately trained health manpower and medical facilities.

If water is not safe for drinking, or is insufficient for personal hygiene and sewage disposal, diseases spread more easily. Malnutrition creates serious health problems by contributing to premature births and to abnormally low weight at birth.

More precisely, the economics literature treats health as a ‘durable capital stock’ that yields an output of ‘healthy time’. The main idea in such models is that individuals inherit an initial amount of this stock that depreciates with age and can be increased by investment. This conceptualization gives rise to a household production function model of consumer behavior that can be employed to account for the gap between health as an output and medical care as one of many inputs into its production.